Student Services/Central Registration

Welcome to the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District.

Please register as early as possible. In cases where students register three or less days before school starts they may be unable to begin school or have bus transportation provided for the first week of school. When registering students during the school year, NO student will be able to start on the day they register.

Below are steps you need to follow in order to get your student started in our district:

  1. Contact the District Registrar for an appointment at (518) 234-3165. Office open M-F, 8:00 am- 2:45 pm, (summer hours July 1st- August 15th 8:00 am- 2:00 pm Monday- Thursday). The registration office is located in the Student Services Office, 143 Golding Drive, Cobleskill (Ryder Elementary Building).
  2. To make it easier you can print our registration packet on-line and fill it out before your appointment. We need one packet per child.
  3. Please bring all required documents to your appointment. You will need to bring:

a. Filled out registration packet signed by parent or guardian

The registration packet includes the forms linked below. If possible, please print the forms, fill them out and bring them with you when registering your child.

Registration Form
Race-ethnicity Notice
Home Language Questionnaire
Request for Records
Health History Form

b. Proof of residency (one of the following)

  • Copy of Deed or other indication of real property ownership

  • Copy of Purchase Contract, with letter from Attorney (including date/time of closing)

  • Lease agreement or statement from landlord, owner or tenant from whom you lease or live with

  • Notarized statement from third party stating the physical presence of the parent/guardians in the district

  • Utility or other bill stating correct address

  • Driver's License

  • Recent income tax return showing the parent's name and address within the district

  • A current paycheck stub showing the parent's name and address within the district

  • Documentation illustrating the parent is receiving public assistance benefits at an address within the district

c. Birth certificate, immunization records and copy of most recent physical

d. Child's last report card

e. Custody paperwork/court papers if applicable

f. Special Education paperwork if applicable including IEP

g. 504 Plan if applicable

h. Foster Placement, Department of Social Services Form 2999

After you complete these steps, the following will happen, based on what grade your child(ren) will enter:

Elementary (K-5)

The receiving elementary school will contact parents/guardian notifying them of start date and visit time.

Secondary (6-12)

Receiving school contacts parent/guardian to set an appointment to arrange academic schedule.

Special Education Students

Before a student with special education may start, the current IEP must be received and reviewed by the CSE chairperson. Depending on the student's placement needs, his or her "home" school placement may change. All reasonable efforts will be made to resume the student's education as soon as possible.