14 C-R juniors awarded prestigious scholarships

14 C-R juniors awarded prestigious scholarships
Posted on 06/15/2023
This is the image for the news article titled 14 C-R juniors awarded prestigious scholarshipsJuniors Brae Dunham, Holden Schel, Frank Liardo, Kaitlyn Bertola,  Elizabeth Eckel, Natalie Meyre, Kealy Schilde, Samantha Rogers, Annika Urbano, Ava Hill, Emily Warner,  Anthony Conover, Edvard Sohlberg, and Jaylen Lampron have been recognized for excellence by R.P.I., Clarkson, R.I.T., Russell Sage College, LeMoyne College, University of Rochester, and Alfred University.  

Brae Dunham was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for Excellence in Math and Science. A $100,000 scholarship (paid over four years) to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute goes with the recognition. 

Holden Schel and Frank Liardo both earned recognition from Clarkson University for their excellence in Project Lead the Way. Holden received the $60,000 Clarkson Leadership Award (paid over four years) and Frank received the $48,000 Clarkson Achievement Award (paid over four years).  

Kaitlyn Bertola won the R.I.T. Science and Math $76,000 scholarship. Elizabeth Eckel received the R.I.T. Women in STEM $76,000 scholarship. Natalie Meyre earned the R.I.T. Business and Leadership $76,000 scholarship. Kealy Schilde won the R.I.T. Humanities and Social Sciences $76,000 scholarship.  

Samantha Rogers received the designation “Student Sage” from Russell Sage College. Sage Scholars exemplify the college motto “To Be, To Know, To Do”, and are eligible for annual scholarships of at least $14,000 per year of attendance.  

Annika Urbano earned the LeMoyne College Heights that recognizes excellence in the classroom, school, and community. The Heights Award is a $50,000 scholarship (paid over four years).

Ava Hill, Emily Warner, Anthony Conover, and Edvard Sohlberg all received recognition from the University of Rochester. Ava won the Xerox Award for Innovation and Technology, Emily won the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Anthony won the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award,  and Edvard won the George Eastman Young Leaders Awards. All awards are worth $5,000 annually.  

Jaylen Lampron won the Alfred University Scholar Award. Awarded to a student “Outside of  Ordinary” with outstanding character and academic curiosity, the scholarship is worth $18,000 to $30,000 per year.  

If students decide to enroll in the institution that has recognized them, they will be awarded the scholarships.
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