Fifth graders learn all about ecosystems

Fifth graders learn all about ecosystems
Posted on 11/21/2023
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Students in Mrs. Rightmyer's fifth grade class were recently paid a visit by Dr. Rebecca Pinder, associate professor of biological sciences at Columbia-Greene Community College, to wrap up their science unit on ecosystems.  

Dr. Pinder spoke to students about her work researching salamanders and how her interest in salamanders led to her latest research on earthworms worms, and invasive species in particular. 

Students learned about the impact invasive species, especially Amynthas (Invasive Asian Jumping Earthworms), have on the entire forest ecosystem.

Dr. Pinder also explained how students and their families can help prevent the spread of the invasive worms:

Use local mulch - Dig your own compost worms - do not order them from a catalog - Be careful moving plants around. Purchase bare root stock when possible - Don’t move worms, never release them into nature!!! - Report them to iMapInvasives when possible - Learn the difference between Amynthas and other earthworms species